Week 2: Sitting in my lap!

This week began with a great start! I was sitting with Baby on the kitchen floor last Sunday and she got up, turned around, and plopped her lil’ butt in my lap. She stayed like that for a few minutes before she got up and walked away. My mom and I had a good laugh.

As the week went on, Baby made some more great milestones. I was very happy about. On Wednesday when I got home from a meeting in Warrensburg, I headed straight upstairs to my room. Little did I know I had a follower! My blind Baby walked up the stairs all by herself when she usually has my mom to accompany her. She walked straight into my room and laid down on the floor, just like she used to when she could see. She stayed up there for close to an hour. I literally almost cried.

Having Baby in my room again was a great feeling. Before she was diagnosed, Baby always always always slept in my bed. When I was there, she slept in my room with me. She never slept downstairs with our other dog, Coal. But when she was diagnosed with SARDs she discontinued that practice. She felt more comfortable downstairs with Coal in her own little bed. It was hard for me because I got so used to having her sleep in my room that occasionally I couldn’t sleep. One of the suggestions for owners of SARDs dogs is to adapt to their routine and not the other way around. As much as I hate it that Baby rarely comes to my room anymore, much less sleeps there, I have to adapt to her what’s most comfortable to her. So I enlisted my giant stuffed lion and a giant stuffed sheep dog (aptly named Simba and Big Shadow) to replace the space in my blankets where Baby once was.

One thing I have noticed, especially this week, Baby hates to be away from my mom for very long. She’s almost like a little child that way. Just as children hate to be far away from their mommies for too terrible long, Baby is the same way. To her my mom is safety. Now that she can’t see, she feels safest when near my mom. Just like me when I was a kid.

Doggy kisses on the nose,