One Week Later

As most of you know, last week after so many signs of progress, I had to let my Baby girl go. I have received so many kind words from family and friends. It really goes to show that dogs are not just pets. They are true companions and members of the family. I know that Baby was my rock through so many hard times. It still hasn’t quite settled in. But I wanted to thank everyone who sent my family and me kind words and comments.

Baby looking out the window two years ago

Baby looking out the window two years ago

Statuette on the front porch

Statuette on the front porch

Baby loved to watch us leave from the front window. Every house we lived in with her she always found a way to sneak a peek out the window. Because of her blindness, she was not able to do that. That hurt her a lot. If she was not aware of what her people were up to, she went crazy. But anyway, my mom thought a nice statuette of a dog with Baby’s similar appearance for the front porch was a perfect way to remember our lil punkin boo. The statuette sits right under the window. I find myself now waving goodbye to it as I leave the house, or saying hello to it when I come home. It’s almost as if she’s waiting for me.

It’s not just me, my mom and my stepdad that have had trouble dealing with Baby’s death. It’s my extended family members who grew teary eyed last week. My aunt, who is not an animal lover, actually cried because she thought Baby was just the sweetest dog. But there is someone else who will probably miss Baby more than all the rest of us. That is Coal.

My Coalie Buddy

My Coalie Buddy

Coal knew last week that something wasn’t quite right. He knew that Baby didn’t feel good. He checked on her periodically the day she got so sick but preferred to stay out of the way outside. Now that she’s gone, he is confused. He doesn’t quite know what to do. She was his routine, his buddy. He actually didn’t eat for a few days. He had stopped jumping up on my parents’ bed. He doesn’t seem like he wants to go down the back stairs anymore. He just looks at us with that one eye, asking us to make a change, but we can’t.

Yesterday, Coal was in good spirits. He actually went down the back steps. He’s started eating again, sporadically though. And I can tell by his expression that he wants to get up on the bed, he just doesn’t think he can. I’m not sure if his arthritis is bad or if he is grieving. Maybe it’s a little of both. But I know that he misses his buddy. And so do I.

One-eyed winks,



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