Week 4: Returning to my Room! For Good!

Baby chillaxing in my room

Baby chillaxing in my room

Going into the yard!

Going into the yard!

This is my precious angel Babycakes in my room.

This morning right before my alarm went off, my mom came into my room with a surprise! Baby had been waiting outside my room, wanting to come in. The minute she got there, she jumped up on the bed, laid down right up next to me and started snoozing!

It was the perfect start of the day! She even stayed in my room while I got ready for work. She didn’t even want to get up when I left.

Tonight when I said, “Baby, it’s time for bed,” she headed for the stairs and straight up to my bedroom (and when that happened, Coal made a beeline for my mom’s room, knowing he got to sleep with her instead of his bed). She plopped herself down on the floor and fell asleep. Baby has not slept in my room regularly since probably January with a one night trial in March. I literally almost cried. She’s improving so much!

Before Baby started to deteriorate, you’d tell her to go to bed and she would stand at the bottom of the stairs waiting for confirmation. Now she’s back to the point where she can sleep in my room again.

I am more hopeful now than I ever have been!

Doggy kisses on the nose,



2 thoughts on “Week 4: Returning to my Room! For Good!

  1. Callie
    I like your heartfelt “member of the family” stories. I’m telling you…I’m right there with you. My own dog’s antics have made me tell many stories about him, but I just haven’t written any of them down yet.
    Maybe I missed what changed for the better for your pet to cause her to start attempting to walk up the stairs again. I know I read she has been in your family for a long time, so she is getting up there in dog years. As well as, she is blind, or partially blind. Did you or your mom do something to help her confidence with the stairs? I know she surely, missed you; and she was probably just as happy as you were that she is able to get back into your room…all by herself.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words! My dogs are definitely members of the family! Baby’s doctor said that the condition she has in addition to permanent blindness, mirrors side effects of Cushing’s disease which affects her bladder control and her mind somewhat. Or at least that’s what my mom said. Her doctor assured us that in five to six months she would start acting like her normal self again. It’s been about four months since she first started showing symptoms. She’s doing sooooo much better than she was. She’s been with me since I was ten and ALWAYS slept in my room. For the last few months she hasn’t been and it was a huge breakthrough for her! Thanks, Tami!

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