This is Coal

Coal is on the wrong side of the blanket!

Coal is on the wrong side of the blanket!

Above is a picture of my other dog, Coal. He’s a black lab/greyhound mix. He weighs over 95 pounds. I think. But of course he thinks that he’s a tiny little lap dog. Coalie is my big black teddy bear. He has a very expressive face and is even known to argue with me a time or two. Literally. People laugh when I say that, but it’s true! Ask my mom!

Anyway, before Baby’s diagnosis, Coal was the one with all the health problems. When my stepdad got him from the pound, he was worm-infested. Less than a year later, he had to have knee surgery. And then he had to start taking glucosamine for his back (it’s a very curved back and his legs are long!). The next year he had a minor tumor on his back that had to be removed. When I was a freshman in high school, Coal went outside in the morning, came back in and had puss in his left eye. It was determined that he had a chemical burn from some plant fluid or something. And last year he had to have the eye removed. In addition to that he has arthritis just like Baby.

Now it may seem like he has had a pretty depressing life, being a one-eyed dog with several health issues. But I swear, Coal is the happiest, friendliest dog anyone will ever meet. He loves to play tug-o-war and fetch. And he can catch spot on – even with one eye! He loves to pose on the floor, enticing you to pet him and rub his belly. Whenever you are in his sights and/or you say his name, his tail immediately begins to wag! And watch out! That tail is lethal!

His favorite hang out: Mom's bed

His favorite hang out: Mom’s bed

Coal has been a good big brother to Baby. When she got sick, he was very confused and upset. And you could tell. His one eye said it all. It was like he was saying, “Mom! Something is not right!” Every morning they used to kiss noses and she stopped doing that and he was very very concerned.

However, now that Baby is improving and getting somewhat special attention, Coal is jealous. And Coal has always been a jealous dog. He likes the attention. He’s very alpha male that way. But anyway, he has been a big stinker butt as of late. He’s being obstinate when I ask him to go outside. He just sits there and stares at me like, “No, I will not!” And he settles down in Baby’s bed and growls at us in frustration when we ask him to move.

But he’s still a good boy. He’s precious isn’t he?

And I really don’t care if you think I’m crazy, COAL AND I DO TALK TO EACH OTHER! He has human expressions. I swear it!

One-eyed dog winks,


Trying to tell me how it is!

Trying to tell me how it is!


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