Week 3: Nap Time

Baby returns to her favorite spot on my bedroom floor

Baby returns to her favorite spot on my bedroom floor

Baby taking a nap with me in my bed.

Baby taking a nap with me in my bed.

This week, Baby again made a trek up to my room. Only, instead of just chilling out on the floor, Baby decided that she wanted to get on my bed. Baby hasn’t been on my bed in months! She walked around in circles for a few minutes getting herself acclimated to the bed again. She made sure she found the most comfortable spot and curled herself up in a little ball in the crook of my legs. We took an hour long nap together. I haven’t taken a nap with Baby in a very very long time!

However Baby did have some minor set backs this week. Her arthritis may be acting up again. I’m noticing that she is not going down the back stairs as often as she had been. We’ve had to clean off the deck a lot more this week than in recent weeks. Unfortunately both our dogs have arthritis. But because of Baby’s thyroid medication interacting with her arthritis medication, she got sick and had to be taken off that. I’m not totally sure if she’s lazy or just hurts too much to go down stairs, because honestly she’s not showing any signs of pain. I’ll keep a closer eye on her this week for sure.

This morning, though, we had a major breakthrough in her progress! This morning was the first morning that my stepdad did not wake up to a bunch of puddles and piles in the dogs’ room! We have training pads for this purpose and each and every one of them was dry and clean. Of course it was at 5:30 in the morning, meaning we have to get up even earlier. But as I said in a previous post, SARDs owners are supposed to adapt to their dogs surroundings and not the other way around. Personally, I think that she just gets a little nervous if she hears a noise, such as someone getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or even a critter outside the window. Because she can’t see, she gets nervous and anxious and can’t control herself because she thinks something is wrong or is about to happen. She’s always been a dog who has to be in the know about things!

More improvements next week with any luck!




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